Friday, July 30, 2010

Welcome to The Grouchy Catholic!

I am many things. Catholic is one of the big ones.  And according to my people at home, sometimes (I emphasize SOMETIMES) I am a grouch.  The older I get the more Catholic and the more grouchy I think I am becoming, but such is life.  Hence, a blog on faith rants and pondering. With that in mind, welcome to The Grouchy Catholic blog. 
All my life, my mind sometimes wanders during mass.  In Catholic school, that often would get the death glare or the upper arm vice grip hold from the nuns of the Order of St. Benedict (furthermore referred to as the OSB).  In the Hays Family, a wandering mind often meant a reach-behind-the-three-kids-sitting-between-you-and-the-parents head slap from the Mother or the Father bookends in the pew.  
I thought perhaps I was a bad person for not hanging on every word.  The priest would be reciting the Eucharistic Prayer while I would still be thinking about the readings, visualizing the Prodigal Son coming home beaten and battered or Peter's anguish when the cock crowed that third time. Was I that bad of a Christian?  I thought maybe there was something major league wrong with my dedication to my faith for the longest time.
Then one day, I came to the realization that maybe, just maybe, this was one of the ways God was trying to get through to me.  He had me as a captive audience, so He would throw me these ideas.  Make me think, make me want to know more, make clearer the directions on the map He created for me.  So now, I accept these mental wanderings as my inspirations.  These inspirations will be a major resource for The Grouchy Catholic blog.  The Big Man upstairs is trying to tell me something.  Now, I just need to be open enough to let it into my mind and heart.
Unfortunately, He still hasn't come up with a valid reason for me dozing off during some Homilies... Oh well, I will have to be patient on that one.

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